Friday, December 2, 2011

The Great Zombie-pocolypse!!!

My wife and I let our kids check out some movies from the library recently.  One of the movies that they checked out was "Casper's Scare School."

If any of you are even remotely entertaining the possibility of checking this movie out, don't.  You will lose 2 hours of your time, along with about 30 IQ points.  Seriously.  You will feel your brain turning to sludge (it's a very interesting feeling.  You may want to try it sometime--just to say you've experienced it).

The only good thing which came from it was that my 2 year old occasionally walks around like a zombie.  She also chases the other kids around, saying that she's going to get them.

The image to the left is a representation of what she looks like (well, what she would look like if she were a bald stick person with no face and no discernible features - including hands and feet).  It would be an actual picture, but our camera died on us and even though we were able to get a picture, it was not converted to a usable format, so this is the best you get at this time.

Maybe at a later point in time we'll get an actual picture of it, and you will laugh hysterically.  Really, you will.  She's just like a cute little 2 year old wannabe zombie.

Anyway, she would walk around like that and chase our other kids.  All while loudly growling.  When she catches the other kids, she then laughs and goes after another kid.

We seriously will have to get this on video, because it's really good.

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