Monday, November 21, 2011

Open Letter to Congress

Dear Members of Congress:

You disgust me.

Truly, you do.

That 13% approval rating you have received is unwarranted.  It should be 0%.  You do nothing to promote the good and tolerance which the American people have.

You sit there in Washington DC saying that you are seeking to do what is best for America, what is best for me, without even trying to find out what REALLY is best for me.

You truly seek the benefit of only one individual: You.

You care only about what will increase your power, influence, and income.  You do not care about me, my family, my friends, my associates, my business partners, my children--anyone.

You truly disgust me.

You only work about 3 months each year.  In working that hard, you make at least $125,000.  The rest of the time you spend campaigning and vacationing.  The money you make in campaigning is in the millions!  You say that it is very difficult doing what you do; making laws and trying to keep the government functioning.

I'm sorry to inform you, but the government has pretty much shut down several times already, and when it's not shut down, it's not functioning at all!

You truly disgust me.

I have to work hard 365 days each year trying to pay rent, utilities, student loans, debt, medical insurance, vehicle insurance, gas, maintenance, clothes, food, and everything else to care for my wife and kids.  You want to know how much I make a year?  I make less than $20,000.  I cannot get a job that pays a living wage--there aren't any out there for which I qualify (and even those for which I qualify, there are hundreds of others who qualify as well).

I have to live off of government aid because I do not make enough to survive.

You will most likely take that last statement to say that's more reason to expand government benefits!  That there are thousands like me who are in dire straits and need the government's help.

You don't know the crap that you have to go through in order to get that help.  It costs almost $100 each month making sure that you have all of the forms filled out in triplicate, faxed to several different agencies, phone and in-person interviews, checking almost daily on the website (which, if I were not computer savvy, would be virtually impossible to navigate) to make sure that I haven't been kicked off of the help, and if I have, I have to re-submit everything from the beginning.

It is a full-time job just getting the benefits my family and I need so I can start looking for full-time work.

I don't have time to look for a good job, and even if I get a job (good or not), I must fill out lots of additional forms to continue receiving the benefits, thus taking away from time I could spend working or being with my family.

It is such a hassle getting and staying on government benefits, it's almost not worthwhile.

But you wouldn't have any idea about that, would you?

You wouldn't understand my plight or the plight of many others whose lives you make more difficult.  And yet you whine and complain that it's the other party's fault that things aren't being done.

You truly disgust me.

I am astounded that I can work with my wife, kids, neighbors, friends, strangers, and anyone else to work out compromises for a variety of things, but you cannot work out anything.  Republicans think that raising taxes is wrong; Democrats think that cutting government services is wrong.

You both are wrong, and you truly disgust me.

How can you think that what you are doing is right?  Are you that irresponsible and stupid to think that every problem is with those around you?  Have you ever thought that YOU are the problem?

You are the problem, and because you don't realize it, you truly disgust me.

I could do a much better job at running the country than you ever could.  I have seen firsthand the problems that your governing style creates.  I have seen the problems you conjure because you only care about yourself.

You disgust me, and in reality, you truly disgust America.

You are not America; You do not represent America.

The people of America are tolerant and understand that compromise is a part of making things work.  They understand that increasing taxes because of your ineptitude is a necessary evil--but the also understand that they want it to be fairly distributed.

America is wonderful.  America is truly the greatest nation in the world.

But YOU are not part of that greatness.  You are the greatest blight in this nation.  You are the worst, most vile part of this nation which MUST be gutted out in order for this great nation to once again be great.

I would humbly request that you step down voluntarily so that the clean waters of the Constitutional process may bypass You, the filth which has brought down this country.


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