Thursday, December 22, 2011

Putting Humans to a Good Use

Ah, my excitement runneth over.

I have been waiting for something like this ever since I thought of this invention.  Since I didn't have the physics and chemistry knowledge to ever come up with this, when I read about it, I was SUPER excited!

There is a new multiferroic metal which has recently been created, and it has two properties, magnetic and non-magnetic.

You may be wondering how it can be both magnetic and non-magnetic at the same time.  Well, it's not exactly doing both of those at the same time.  When it is cold, it is non-magnetic (ferromagnetic), and when it is heated up (even a little bit), it becomes highly magnetic.

The article where I read this is found here.  It goes into more detail on the hows and whys this works.  I think it is pretty amazing.  If you are a chemistry geek and want more details, go here.

As a material becomes magnetic, it creates electricity.  That electricity can be used for many purposes, such as powering a fridge, re-fueling dead batteries, and letting there be light.  I'm sure that you understand what electricity can do for you (if not, I would assume that you live under a rock, and are not reading this post).

Now that you have a little background as to what I'm interested in doing, let's get into the invention itself.

What I am looking at creating is a cell phone cover.  It would not be just any cell phone cover; it would be one which would be able to recharge your phone as you use it.

That is why I was so excited about the multiferroic metal.  It could be used in the cover so as you are using it (as long as it is touching your body so it creates heat), it would be able to recharge the batteries.  That would make it so you could theoretically use it forever (or at least as long as the metal is able to maintain its chemical integrity).

In the article, they talk about using it with vehicles, refrigerators, and other large appliances which lose a lot of heat during their use.  That will definitely be of use, but I was thinking of smaller-scale things which would be just as useful.

The problems that I will have to figure out before rolling this product out are:

  1. How much electricity can be created through the use of this magnetism?
  2. How can that electricity be safely transferred into the cell phone?
  3. How long will the metal maintain its chemical integrity before undergoing a chemical change which may make it unstable?
  4. What is the acceptable temperature range, and what will happen to it outside of that range?
  5. What about those who will experience medical problems due to magnetism (pacemakers, pins, etc)?
Those are the main problems that I can thin of right now, but I'm sure that as I run experiments I will get more questions.

As for the looks, this would be very simple in design, looking like most cell phone covers.  Nothing special there.  What will be special is what it will do.

If you think this will be cool, please give me a shout out!

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