Thursday, December 8, 2011

And Make Your Flowers Grow

I thought of this game soon after I first heard of the Cow Clicker game.  For those of you who are familiar with the Cow Clicker game (I think it's again working on Facebook), you may think that I'm WAY behind the times since I only heard of that game when NPR did a story on the creator of that game.

The creator talked about why he created the game and what its purpose was, and stuff like that.  I liked the interview, so I wanted to see the game for myself.  But since the cows had already been taken up by the rapture, there was nothing on the screen except for cow shadows.

Anyway, this game would be similar to the Cow Clicker game because it would serve no real purpose, other than to get people to play something when they're bored (that was the reason the creator gave as to why he made the game).  Except for a few differences, it would essentially be the same.

So, the game would be to see how tall and extravagant you can get your flower.  In order to do that, you click on the flower.  The more times you click on the flower, the taller and more extravagant it becomes.  As you click, petals, leaves, offshoots, bees, larger plot of land (so you can plant several flowers next to each other), and other things will happen to the flower to make it better.

You will be able to choose from several different flower types to start.  Actually, when you start, you will only be able to have one flower, but as your flower gets larger, the plot of land will increase, thereby allowing you to plant additional flowers.

Now as for how the game will stop the flowers from growing infinitely, I haven't yet decided, but I was thinking about either the flowers get abducted by aliens, get burned by the Sun, are hit by other planets, or something else which will destroy the flower, or at least make it smaller.  That way, they will keep playing (or I may just see how big the flower will become to estimate just how bored people are).

That is the idea for this game.  It's not the most original, but I think it'll be kind of fun (and it'll give my finger a HUGE workout!).

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