Sunday, November 20, 2011

Snowmen on a Snowday!

Yesterday morning (early in the morning--even before I got up) it snowed here.  Although it only snowed about two inches, it still snowed.  That made it a wonderful day.

By the way, why is it that a lot of people hate the snow?  I haven't really understood their position other than the fact that it's cold when it snows and if you drive in the snow, you will most likely hit a patch of black ice.

Anyway, I digress.  So, because it was such a wonderful day, I took the kids outside and we made a snowman.  It was an amazing snowman, our 6' bug-eyed snowman.

It really was 6' tall!  I made the bottom ball about 3.5' tall, and the other ones filled out the rest.  The face was the best part, because we didn't have any coal (or raisins) or carrots.  So we found some sticks and rocks.  That sounds kind of kooky, but we put some sticks for the mouth and nose, made some snowballs for the eyes (we put rocks in the snowballs so they actually looked like eyes) and buttons on the jacket, and two funky snow-arms.

It looked like a bug-eyed freak (well, the freak part is because the eyes weren't focused on anything in particular--they looked like chameleon eyes that are focusing on two different parts, or one extreme lazy eye).  The arms just looked out of place.  It was fun making that.

After making it, we had a snowball fight.  I, of course, won, because of my superior marksmanship and skill (although it's not too difficult to beat 7 and 6 year-olds).

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