Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bottled Fresh Air

This was my first foray into the business world, almost 17 years ago.  I was in a television production class, and we had to come up with a commercial.  I thought of a hilarious commercial (although it was never completed because of location issues), and thus Bottled Fresh Air was born.

This was a very simple product when I first thought it up: You go up in the mountains, take some Mason jars, open them, and then close and tighten the lid.  That was it!  You would do that and sell it to the masses.

After some years, I gave it some thought, and I figured that you could still use the Mason jars (although it would be better if you had custom-made clear jars which were embossed with scenery), but put a thin layer of scent on the bottom so when you opened it up, it would smell just like the scenery.  That thin layer could be replaced when it no longer smelled.  It would be a great product which would sell well to cubicle-dwellers around the world!

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