Monday, March 24, 2014

End of an era

Well, this is it.  You know how they say that when one door closes, another one opens?  That's what I'm hoping will happen now.

I am closing down Brainiacs Lounge at the end of the month.

Brainiacs Lounge has been my baby since 2005, and I tried to nurture to something that would be able to help many small and startup businesses become successful, and allow business owners to focus on where their strengths lie.  I wanted this to be a national phenomenon, with name recognition, and great success.

(I didn't want me to be famous, but I wanted the business to be famous)

But as of 3/31/2014, Brainiacs Lounge will be no more.

We made some bad decisions during the course of its life, and those decisions have come back to haunt us.  We recognize our mistakes, and in order to not have any legal wranglings or possible takeovers in the future, we feel that this will be the best way to keep things simple and safe.

Brainiacs Lounge will come back, but under a new name.  Our services and position will be the same, and the energy we have will be there, but it will be called something different.

Expect us to return within the next six months, smarter, better, and more ready to help small and startup businesses succeed!


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