Friday, November 25, 2011

Newspaper Wars

With the recent demise of so many newspapers across the nation, the leaders of the nation have determined that in the best interests of the free press, it would be best to allow all people to start their own newspaper. 

That means that you can now start your own newspaper. Along with starting your own newspaper, which includes determining which sections to include, your sources, delivery venues, biases, and print schedules, you get to gain readership, protect your company from snooping and mischievous rivals, and hopefully launch the dreaded Clown Car of Destruction on your opponents.

 Welcome to Newspaper Wars, where it's not too different from the real-life newspaper offices.
In this game, you would build your own newspaper business with sections, sources, bias, and other things relevant to your target audience. You will use marketing methods and word-of-mouth about your awesome newspaper from your customers to gain more market share. You will also need to protect your business from your rival newspapers and, if desired, sabotage your rival.

The information which would need to be gathered from the users are:
 - Registration Information:
 - Basic Gameplay Information:
    Newspaper name
        Help Wanted
        Real Estate
    Percentage of Ads to include in newspaper
    Advertisement Inserts (like those in Sunday papers)
    Daily Cost (how much to charge)
    Delivery Choices
        Public Transportation stops
        Hawkers - think Newsies back in the early 1900s
        Liberal nutcracker     
        Moderate left
        Moderate right
        Right-wing crazoid
        Unbiased - that's impossible, so that means random
    Story sources
        News congregator - AP
        Online sources
    Marketing Venues
        Door-to-door sales
        Free trial
        Direct mail

As the game progresses, some additional information will need to be gathered:
 - Sabotage - this information is useful if the player wants to sabotage opposing newspapers in any way:
    Hire a saboteur (hire someone inside another newspaper to delay printing, write inflammatory articles, disrupt communication, etc.)
    Hire a mole (the mole is similar to a saboteur, but they only give information about what the company is planning to do - sabotages, gameplay changes, etc)
    Slash tires (daily delivery does not go out that day)
    Start rumors (there will be multiple rumors which can be started, with each having their own implications - Child slave labor, outsource to other countries, employee/sources are spies/trators, etc)
    Clown car of destruction (this is the mother of all destructions--it pretty much destroys the rival company.  A clown car drives up to their building and clowns get out and proceed to pretty much destroy it. But there are HUGE setbacks for using this method, such as a substantial loss of readership/money, and ruins companies of those who use it if they are caught. This can only be used with cooperation of multiple people/businesses, so it's a very risky move, but if successful, it is worthwhile)
 - Protections - This information is used to protect the business against the sabotages:
    Detective (can root out saboteurs and moles, protect the company from the Clown car of destruction - one detective can take down at least one clown - and if they foil an attempt of any kind, the attacker's id is made known to the public and the attacker loses readership and money)
    PR firm (they go on the offensive and discomfit any rumors.  They can either be retained or hired after the fact [services are 3 times more if hired after the fact])
    Dog (will be stationed near the delivery choices, and give a higher probability of warding off tire slashers)
    Mole (the mole is both an offensive and defensive tool, where they get hired by the rival company and only feed information as to what goes on with the company, where they're expanding, and after some time, they will be privy to attack information, because the longer the mole has been with the company, the more information they are able to glean, and any information gleaned from moles will give the detective an PR firm a higher probability of successfully defending against those saboteurs and rumor mongrels)

There will also be Random events which will affect readership, costs, and other factors:
    Monopoly (if a newspaper has a stranglehold [50% more readership than anyone else] in a certain location for more than a year [one month], the government will step in and assess heavy fines or force a 30% sale of the company)
    Weather (affects the delivery of the day [blizzard, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc])
    Natural disasters (tsunami, hurricane, tornadoes, earthquake, fires, etc)
    Other calamities
    Riots (newspaper costs will rise, or will not print at all)
    Clown of St. Happiness (grants the newspaper a 10% increase in readership)
    Stimulus (government gives out loads of money so people will spend more)
    You can add whatever other ones you want

This will be a fun game, in the genre of Mafia Wars, where there are few graphics, and this will be more of a strategy game.  I think this will be very fun, and if I had the programming knowledge and time, I'd program this.

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