Monday, November 21, 2011

Bad Driver Postcards

Have you ever been driving when another driver cuts you off, or tailgates your car, or even gets angry (and flips you the bird) because you're not going as fast as they think you should?  I've been in that situation--actually, I've been in those kinds of situations often because I tend to drive the speed limit (while in the right land, of course), and the other drivers seem to think that's wrong.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that normal drivers can do when others are mean to us.  But that can change!  Well, that's the plan, anyway.

Welcome to one my most super-awesome business ideas that I could think of:

Bad Driver Postcards.

So, this business would work through a website where people could submit complaints (with location, date, and time) with the license plate (license plate number and state) of the offending vehicle.  They would pay $1, and then it would be printed out in a postcard and sent to the offending vehicle owner's residence.

In more detail, you would first need access to the registration information for each state, which would include names and addresses for each license plate number.  You would not need to compile a database with that information, because it would be safer and easier to just have an open communication to their database without worrying about securing the database yourself.

When the client submits a complaint, you would search for the license plate number within the state's database and get the name and address for the license plate owner.  It would then automatically fill in the fields on a postcard with the name, address, and the complaint (with date, time, and location).

If you get a bulk mail license from the Post Office, you can even get discounted rates for postage.  Send out the postage weekly, or even monthly, and you'll be able to save money on that (more bulk means more discount)!

It would be a great venue to get people to realize how their driving affects others and hopefully better the population's driving skills.  It could also be a good way to thank other drivers who are being good.

Along with this, you could also have a website where these complaints could be stored online.  It would be kind of like a database of bad drivers.

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