Thursday, November 17, 2011

Destroy the Sinners!!!

By the blog title, you would think this is going to be something about how sinners are horrible and that because they have sinned, they need to be destroyed.  Kind of like the Westboro Baptist Church.  That's not it.  It's a game I thought of, and hopefully there isn't one like it already out there, but if there is, I may need to go out and play it.

Anyway, before I get sidetracked again and start rambling on about whatever crosses my mind, I think I should say some things about this idea.

So, in this game you would play god.  You have a planet of people who have all sinned grievously against you, and because they have sinned against you so horribly, you have decided to destroy them all.  This is kind of like Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible.  They sinned grievously against God and were destroyed by fire.  As for the sins which the people committed, I will let you decide what sins they are--they could be anything from everyone murdering everyone (then wouldn't there be no population on the earth?) to the people eating Greek food on Thursday nights instead of pizza.  You decide on that.

Anyway, the purpose of this game is to use natural disasters to cleanse the earth of humanity's stain.  You will use natural disasters (flood, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, volcano, etc) to destroy the human cities and towns.  Now, that would seem to be a simple thing to accomplish, but it's not because you will need to heed the laws of nature.  That means that you cannot have 20 giant hurricanes in quick succession come and pummel the cities--even those in the mountains.  That's illogical.

You would use the natural disasters found in those areas, and by using one, you would not be able to reuse it in that area for a determined amount of time.  For instance, you would not be able to have a 9.8 magnitude earthquake one day and have another one of the same magnitude the next day.  The pressure has to build up before another one of that magnitude can be released.

By using those natural disasters against the humans, you will be able to destroy them, right?  Yes.  So, it'll be a quick game, right?  No.  Eh?  What do you mean?  Read on, and it'll make more sense.

If the game was won on just by throwing out natural disasters, it'd be pretty boring.  I would only play it for a couple of times and then quit.  The cool thing about this one is that the humans will learn from the disasters which occur, and they will try to prepare for them.

Initially, they will not prepare for any disasters (because that's what the wicked do--not prepare), but as soon as disasters occur to their location or nearby, they will start to prepare for the disaster.  For example, there are two cities, Hit and Nearby.  Hit is hit by a hurricane, and Nearby is not.  After the hurricane, Hit and Nearby would both start preparing for another hurricane.

It would take time for them to prepare sufficiently for it, so there would be some time when they could be destroyed by a hurricane.  But as soon as they have the preparations ready, the destruction of another hurricane would be minimal.

So, this game is a one where you would need to have a good strategy and be quick enough to enact it while making changes on the fly.  I think it'd be pretty fun.

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