Monday, January 2, 2012

Days like Today

I'm sure you've had just "one of those days" before.  You know the ones, where your mind doesn't seem to work at all; where nothing seems to be going as it should; where the best-looking thing is your bed.

You know, just one of those days.

Well, today is just one of those days for me.  I haven't had just one of those days for quite some time.  At least it has been long enough that I don't really recall the last time I had a day like today (that could have been as recent as last week, but I don't remember nor do I care to remember).

So, what qualifies today as "just one of those days"?

Let me count the ways:

  1. I actually woke up feeling really good.  I was able to do my morning routine (you know, like wake up, get dressed, get dolled up, eat breakfast, etc), and things looked pretty good.  But my wife woke up, and she was EXTREMELY tired.  No, that doesn't adequately describe it.  She was so tired that any little annoyance would send her into a death-inducing (almost literally, but that was only because I managed to hide all sharp things... lol) rage.  It was a tired of epic proportions.  Had the sun shone a glimmer into her face, she would have stolen a Russian nuclear warhead, hijacked a space missile, and blown up the sun (her severe anger would have scared the missile into defying the laws of physics and not burned up until it had delivered its payload.  The warhead would then have blown up and the sun would have become a giant black hole, consuming the earth and everything around it.).

    The closest comparison I could give is that it was a tired of Chuck Norris proportions.  I understand that it's almost sacrilegious to make that comparison, but that was just how bad it was.  Seriously.  I'm sure you don't believe me, but the only reason why the sun is not blown up is because she couldn't get in touch with anyone with a Russian nuclear warhead.

    Her super-negative attitude (of Chuck Norris proportions) rubbed off on me.  That put me in a dour mood, and it kind of pushed back the good feelings I had earlier this morning.
  2. The kids were tired.  Oh, what a difference some sleep makes!  I have no clue as to why the kids were tired.  They went to bed at a reasonable hour, and woke up at their normal time, but man, were they whiny!

    I hate it when they are whiny!  It is the most annoying thing I can think of right now (I'm sure I can think of something more whiny when I'm not having one of those days).

    Anyway, they would not stop whining.  I had to send them to time out several times, send them to bed several times (they still wouldn't take naps, but I can only keep them in their rooms for so long before they start tearing down the walls - literally), and take away all fun things.  Even when I tried to reward them for not whining, they would still whine.  It was like they were programmed to whine at everything.

  3. The kids wouldn't work at all.  Normally, the kids have a list of chores which they do every day (e.g. Morning Work: Make bed, Get dressed, Clean room, Say prayers, Brush teeth).  They did not even start working on their Morning Work until it was almost lunch time!

    I'm sure this was a side-effect of them being tired, but come on!  I can only take away so many things before you will be left naked in a wooden barrel out in the middle of the desert.  All of their toys, books, and everything else which they could play with was confiscated (given our very, VERY small living space and their few things, it didn't take long for them to lose everything and for me to not have a place to put what little they had).

    They finally finished their Morning Work just after lunch, when they got to do their after meal chores (clean off the table - that's it!).  However, that too took almost 1.5 hours for them to do.

    What a pain in the neck!
  4. I'm having a severe case of writers block.  I am trying to get my news site, First World Press, up and running.  It's taking super-long to write the stories (I'm taking first world problems and creating stories about them) because it's been a long time since I have written much (this blog is the most writing I have done in several years).  My goal is to write and publish at least two stories daily (I'm WAY behind on that), but since I'm having writers block, I'm getting even further behind.

    That is very stressful.  I understand that if I stress about that, the writers block will be even worse, but it's very difficult to not stress about something which stresses you out.  That's also why I decided to write this post, because it might help me overcome my writers block because I'm not filtering my thoughts here.  It's pretty much straight from my brain to the screen (well, technically, it's through the fingers and keyboard and other electrical components and then onto the screen, but who's caring?).
I think that pretty much sums up why today is just one of those days.  I am almost certain that there were other reasons why today would be considered just one of those days, but I can't think because there is a really loud vacuum running just a few feet away.  

I guess I'll just have to keep plodding along, and hopefully I'll be able to have a better day either later on today or tomorrow.

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