Monday, April 16, 2012

How the days fly by

At the beginning of the year I told myself that I would blog daily.

I'm sure that anyone who casually reads this blog would have figured out by now that I have not been very good at accomplishing that goal.  I could give a variety of reasons behind my slacking off, such as that I'm a full-time student, taking difficult classes which take many hours daily to finish homework, that I have five children and a wife who monopolize any free time I may have, that I am studiously working on being a top-notch programmer, so any free time I may wrestle from any other obligations is used in that purpose, or that my family and I have been sick off and on, so I get to take care of loads of people.  I also have many other justifications, but I'll just leave those out there for now.

Anyway, when I made that goal, I never realized just how much time it would take to blog daily.

For myself, when I blog, I have to take a few minutes to think about what I would like to blog about.  Since I have a lot of things which interest me, I have to choose one of the many things.  After choosing what I would like to write about, I then have to collect my thoughts into a somewhat coherent outline, otherwise, it will be a jumble of statements without any semblance of order (and for those who have been following my blog, you most likely have read a few of my posts which have not been well thought-out, and they are not the easiest to read).

Then comes the most difficult thing: patience.  When writing, this is the most difficult thing for me because my brain runs at about 628 miles per hour, while my hands can only type about 70 words per minute.  Because of that HUGE divide, most of my thoughts come and go before I have even had a chance to start typing them down.  I can start a thought, have a reasonable, logical, and rational discussion with many points expounded in detail, close the discussion, and move to the next topic before I can even type the first sentence.

This problem makes it so I cannot get most of my thoughts or points across in a logical and conclusive manner. It takes many, many tries to even come close to what had gone through my mind, because I go back through my thoughts (I am only able to recall some of those thoughts, and I have to take time to try to go back through those trains of thought to get the arguments correct) to hopefully write what I was thinking.

Most of the time, I am unable to remember my thoughts fully, so I leave the writing as a draft, thinking I will work on it again at some point in the future.  A few months down the road, I delete the post.  Initially, I re-read the post and debate continuing writing it, but I get stuck at the same point as before - namely, I cannot remember my train of thought.

So far with this blog, I have deleted many more posts than I have posted.  Along with that, I have dozens of partially-written posts on a variety of subjects (and businesses, for that matter).  Unfortunately, I do not think most of them will see the light of day (except for the business ideas, which will be posted as soon as I have the time to post them).

I admire those who write blogs and articles for a living.  As a matter fact, I admire those who do it as a hobby or for fun even more because they can do this much better than myself.  I would like to learn to do it better, but I don't know if I have the motivation for it.  I always have other things which take precedent over writing on the blog.

But, since I made a goal at the beginning of the year, I need to work on doing it, no matter how much I may not truly enjoy it.

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