Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Slight provocation = Major frustration!

Just to let you know, I'm really frustrated right now.

Since I haven't posted anything new for several months, you probably don't know anything about what has happened in my life (unless you're a pretty proficient stalker, or a good friend).  Well, let me tell you:

After getting laid off fired from my last job, I decided to restart my consulting business, Brainiacs Lounge.  Yeah, I know it's a super-awesome name, and I get comments on it all the time.  It's a great conversation starter.

Anyway, I restarted Brainiacs Lounge, but with a completely new twist: it's no longer a consulting company, but rather a business assistance company.  It used to be a basic consulting firm which would go to a company and tell them how to be more efficient in their operations and marketing and what they need to do.

It was very difficult to find consistent work, and the work received was very short-lived and very rarely would you get repeat business.

Now we are a business assistance company which focuses on doing what needs to be done for small and mid-size companies.  We provide large-scale expertise in accounting, taxes, law, IT, marketing, advertising, operations, sales, payroll, and benefits at a small-budget cost.

I have yet to find another consulting company which does what we do.  That means that while we won't have to worry about competition, the market is not yet tested, which means we will have to educate businesses as to why they need our services.  So far, everyone I have talked with has told me that they need something like this, which offers everything they need to more efficiently run their business.

Anyway, back to the frustration I feel right now.

I decided a couple of months ago to hire salespeople who could drum up business so Brainiacs Lounge could be noticed faster.  So far, out of the almost 10 people I have hired, none have panned out.  They have all dropped out without making a single sale.  I understand that the sale is pretty difficult, and it takes quite a bit of patience to close, but when it closes, it's a win-win situation.

Since none of the salespeople I hired went anywhere, I decided to hire a sales manager who could take over the sales department.

That's what's really bothering me right now.  I brought on board a gentleman who had the credentials I was seeking, and he seemed to be very much for the company.  We talked about the business and made some plans for growth, but he emailed me today and let me know that unless I paid him a salary with 6 months guaranteed, he couldn't work for me.

I replied to him stating that I'm not ready to offer a salary, so I wished him the best of luck with his ventures.

It's starting to feel as though I will never be able to get the company growing!  I want to give up and scream my head off, but if I give up, then my dreams will never be realized and I will continue to feel like a worthless person who gives up at the slightest indication of difficulty.

I ask for your prayers and strength so I can persevere and succeed!


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